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Cookware Set King Hoff 12 Piece


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Cookware Set King Hoff 12 Piece

Cookware Set King Hoff 12 Piece

Good Quality


-Superior quality cooking ware
-Thermal bottom with heat conducting.
-Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe.
-Healthy preparation of food: cook with little water to minimize loss of vitamins, minerals, and flavors.
-Glass lids are made of tempered glass with venting hole.
-Handles will not heat up.
-Food and fat practices do not collect in corners.
-Suitable for all cooking sources: electric and gas stoves or glass and ceramic or halogen burners.

The set consists of:
Φ16×10.5cm sauce pan with lid: 2.1 liter capacity;
Φ16×10.5cm Casserole with lid: 2.1 liter capacity;
Φ18×11.5cm Casserole with lid: 2.9 liter capacity;
Φ20×12.5cm Casserole with lid: 3.9 liter capacity;
Φ24×14.5cm Casserole with lid: 6.6 liter capacity;
Φ24×7.5cm fry pan with lid dimensions: 3.4 litre capacity.


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